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MRE’s versus Freeze-Dried Foods

Can’t decide whether to stock up on MRE’s or dried foodstuffs? If you are going to start prepping now, chances are you’ll be surprised to find plenty of non-perishable foodstuffs made exactly for that purpose. Before prepping became a thing, folks have to make do with dried foodstuffs and fermented items. Today, you can find a wide variety food for various survival scenarios. 

We are facing difficult times with Extreme weather events and Pandemics like the Corona virus outbreak putting families and governments worldwide on High Alert. We have seen lots of events linked to intense population growth and Climate change driven extreme weather events. 

As the average American family has less than a weeks food supply, you can imagine how long it will take for panic buying to happen in local supermarkets when a City goes into lock down. In this post we explore the options of having premade professional Freeze dried foods or MRE's at home ready to go. Helping you avoid the panic buying that comes with a SHTF situation. Keep your family safer. 


Freeze-Dried Food for Prepping.

Dried food keeps well for a very long time so they are often used for emergency food supplies. Many foods can be dried and preserved. You can also make them at home, making dried foods the go-to stuff. A lot of dried items are made with freeze drying process, which are frozen and then vacuum dried, removing almost all water from the food and preserving it. To make freeze-dried food edible, you just have to add in water.

Many of these items can be produced at home. Although his can lead to inconsistent results and food spoilage, wasting time, money and effort. Unless you are very experienced with food preservation, you may make more problems than you solve. This is not to say that it cannot be done safely. However it could be a good idea to start your prepping journey with the safest, most reliable options while you learn your food preservation skills.

The problem with dried food is that they have to be protected from moisture and direct sunlight, which can be an issue for scenarios such as sudden inclement weather. In case of freeze-dried food, you need to store additional water, which takes up space and reduce your already limited drinking supplies.


Freeze Dried Foods Wise Food Company

However, many dried foods  are still good to eat. Make sure to stock up on staples such as dried grains (pasta, noodles, rice, or quinoa), beef jerky, rusks, dried cod, prunes, raisins, figs, dates, edible mushrooms, and beans. Items like powdered eggs, dried spices, milk powder, cheese, chili powder, tea, dried fruit (apples, apricots, bananas), sugar, and coffee will add life and taste to your everyday meals.

Wise Foods, pictured above, have made freeze dried meals that solve many of these issues. They store easily in rugged stackable buckets. The food inside is made in safe conditions in a certified kitchen. This means that the quality is very consistent, no nasty surprises from poorly prepared food. They are stored in Mylar bags which adds a layer of protection. Your Wise Foods will last up to 25 years when stored properly.

Just remember to keep dried foodstuff away from water and moisture to keep them edible for a long time. Storing them in a cool place or freezer is even better since cold air is dry. If possible, keep them in airtight containers. To reduce contamination, do store dried items in small batches or individual servings.

Why MRE’s are the ultimate survival food.

MRE’s are probably the best food in emergency situations. They are made to be easily prepared and eaten without cooking. It does not require refrigeration, and can be stored in bulk without spoiling for years. Each pack is dense in calories, so you will have more energy to work harder and do more things.

Because they are made for soldiers in combat situations, MRE’s are practical and nourishing. They are sold in sealed packs, so there is no need to keep them in waterproof containers. There is no need to cook them beforehand, so MRE’s are ideal for emergencies.

For more detailed information on MRE's read our blog post on What is MRE or Meal ready to eat ?

MRE Meal contents Meal ready to Eat

Like dried food, MRE’s can be kept for a long, long time. High-quality MRE’s lasts up to 3 years, giving you a ready source of food in case of emergencies. With heaters that come with MRE’s, you and your family can enjoy hot meals any time.

MRE Case of 12 Meal ready to eat

Make Sure to Stock Up This Year!

There is a good reason to stock up. The year 2020 was marked by extreme weather conditions, according to the World Meteorological Organization. The forecast by AccuWeather predicts ‘near- to slightly-above normal’ Atlantic hurricanes this year, with two to four are forecast to become major hurricanes. We have already seen extremes of weather in Australia Europe and the US.

The Corona Virus outbreak has made many people fearful that they may not have access to food supplies if their city goes into lockdown. Entire cities in China have been locked down to avoid further spread of the disease.

Disasters strike unexpectedly, so it pays to be ready. Having an adequate food supply removes a lot of stress so you can focus on things like shelter, clothing, or water. Your supplies should last around two to three days or more, until utility services return to normal. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. The average American family has less than a week of supplies stored at home. We have all seen the panic buying that occurs when even minor events happen. 

It is easy to know how many MRE’s to stock. According to the U.S Army website, each MRE serving packs 1,250 calories so a full meal for a day will need three MRE’s. So, 36 MRE’s are enough to last for a three-day emergency for a family of four.

The good thing about MRE’s is that it requires little preparation prior to consumption, unlike most dried items. Aside from MRE’s, do stock up on your choice of non-perishable food items. To improve palatability of your stockpile, do stock up on spices, condiments, salt, and hard cheeses.

Each family has their own favorites. You’ll be surprised to find that some MRE’s have well-liked items. Tasty dishes like cheese tortellini with marinara sauce, beef stew with potatoes, chicken curry with rice, New Orleans gumbo, and BBQ chicken are found in premium quality MRE’s.  

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